Free ATM Lesson #2: Lifting the head

I’ve recorded another short Awareness Through Movement lesson for those of us practising social distancing or self-isolating.

This one continues the theme of yesterday’s lesson – movement of the ribcage.  It focuses on lifting the head while lying on the back and lying on the side.

Note: I didn’t repeat the instruction to stand the feet while lying on you back and lifting your heard.  So please remember to bring your feet up to stand after you’ve rested.

I also should have said bring your elbows towards each other, not together.  They just need to point in the general direction of the ceiling, they don’t need to touch together.

I’m still learning how to teach these lessons without having feedback from students in front of me.  I hope it’s clear enough.  I’ve certainly had my fair share of confusion while listening to audio recordings of ATMs – even from Feldenkrais himself!


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