Free #ATM 20: Stabilising the Shoulders

20 days, 20 Awareness Through Movement lessons.  I hope you are enjoying them.  This lesson explores and develops the stability of the shoulder joints.  It’s pretty dynamic.  It should be a good one for anyone working on their handstands while on lockdown.

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One response to “Free #ATM 20: Stabilising the Shoulders

  1. tim

    Thank you for all these lessons. I found them very usefull had some nice changes in my shoulders particularly. I first discovered feldenkrais in around 2004 and have been doing a lot of lessons online from youtube etc this last 15 months since covid started. Has been a great way to make good use of the time indoors whilst not being able to go out so much. Hope you and Lilia dodge the covid bullets Boris has decided to fire at us all. Best Wishes Tim

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