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The History of Water

The History of Water

The Arts Council and Hull City Council have kindly funded my upcoming project: The History of Water.

It’s an immersive theatre performance inviting audiences for a swim in two of Hull’s historic pools. Beverley Road Baths and East Hull Pools will be transformed through light, sound, music and stories as participants merrily float and splash their way through the show.

I will be performing with Joseph Kloska. Live music and sound design will be provided by Nadia Morgan.  Lighting design is by Tim Skelly.   The show is about how precious swimming pools are as public spaces.  It is a celebration of pools as spaces for reflection, exercise, socialising and fun, but also a reminder of the importance of our public buildings.

Tickets are £10. Come have a swim!

5-6 October, Beverley Road Baths

12-13 October, East Hull Pools

Box Office: +44 (0)1482 466141 or

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September 6, 2013 · 12:47 pm

Graceland Opening Night

Graceland Opening Night

Just after the final dress rehearsal last night, I remembered my Aikido teacher, Inaba Minoru Sensei, questioning how one might use budo (martial arts) against natural disasters. He was questioning what we were training for. I wondered if I would be happy if this was the last show I made. I wondered if the piece spoke meaningfully about my experience of the world – if it fought against my frustrations and attempted to communicate my deepest concerns. Thinking about that made me nervous. But I’m glad I did.

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February 13, 2013 · 6:17 pm