A Roving Soul: Walking the City with Walter Benjamin


I am very pleased that my upcoming audio walk, A Roving Soul, has been supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the British Academy as part of the 2014 Being Human Festival (15-23 November).

The piece will invite listeners to take a walk through an urban environment of their choice, accompanied by the German philosopher and critic Walter Benjamin. The piece will use creative sound design (by Hana Walker-Brown) to frame a variety of oral reflections on Benjamin’s unfinished The Arcades Project.  Contributing scholars include Mike Jennings, Dick McCaw, Susan Buck-Morss and Esther Leslie (among others).

A Roving Soul will encourage participants to see the urban environment through Benjamin’s eyes, bringing to life his attempt to make sense of the city’s fractured history and landscape.   The piece will be made available as a free mp3 file on the University of Hull website and as a podcast on iTunes at the start of the Being Human Festival.

Follow @beinghumanfest  and http://beinghumanfestival.org/ for updates

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