Talk at St Edmund Hall’s Centre for the Creative Brain

On Saturday 14th May I will be giving a talk in Oxford at St Edmund Hall’s Centre for the Creative Brain.  I’ll be talking about how theatre makers might draw on research from the field of neuroscience to shape their thinking about training and aesthetics.


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Stream The Violent Justice in Our Hearts

You can listen to The Violent Justice in Our Hearts on Mixcloud.

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The Violent Justice in Our Hearts on Resonance 104.4FM

Over the last few weeks I’ve been adapting my theatre piece about rage, justice and terrorism, The Violent Justice in Our Hearts, for the wonderful Resonance 104.4FM (available online for those of us outside London).  The programme has been produced by Nicholas Edwards-Longstaff.  It will be on at 8pm on Wendesday 2nd March.

The piece is part of an ongoing creative attempt to link autobiographical storytelling with documentary and essay forms. My aim is to bring intimacy to the exploration of complex political and social issues.  I hope it works for you.

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Sharing Experiences of Stroke R&D Image

This is Who I am Nw

A good pal and former colleague, Richard Tall, shared his photos from the R&D sharing ‘This is Who I am Now…’  I thought I would put this one up as it is rather lovely.  It makes me hope I can find funding to continue the project.

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New piece @ Hull Truck Theatre

I am delighted that my new solo show, The Violent Justice in My Heart, will be a part of the Grow Festival at Hull Truck Theatre (on the 24th June).  It’s part autobiography and part theatrical documentary – a response to the difficult choices we make about violence, terrorism and war.  It’s serious, but I think it’s exciting too.  I’m looking forward to hearing what people think.

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Storytelling and the General Election

I started writing something about storytelling and politics.  And then I couldn’t stop.  It jumps from Ira Glass to Jerome Bruner to Adam Curtis to Hannah Arendt.  So there’s something for everyone… It’s called ‘I am who you are‘.


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Sharing experiences of life after stroke

I went to meet with a Stroke Association Communication Support Group this week – talking about what life is like after stroke.  It was pretty humbling.  The conversation was the first stage of a project that seeks to find ways of representing some of those experiences using storytelling, dance and music.   I will be collaborating with the saxophonist Jesse Bannister and the dancer Annika Kompart.

There will be a presentation of work in development in the Donald Roy Theatre at the University of Hull on April 21st at 7:30pm.  It will be followed by a discussion with the audience and stake-holders.

This project is kindly supported by the Ferens Educational Trust.

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